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The Difference Between Static And Dynamic Web Sites

The different between static website and dynamic website

The Difference Between Static And Dynamic Web Sites

Trying to understand the differences between a Static or Dynamic web design is not a difficult process. You do not have to be a master web design company in order to understand the value in either choice. In the information that follows, you will discover the difference between a static and dynamic website or pages, and why one or the other may be the right choice for you.

First off, you need to know that one type of design is not better than the other. There are many who would argue this point, but really get nowhere because these designs are really used for different purposes. On the other hand, when using one or the other, you may need the services provided by a corporate website design Bangkok company.

OK, let’s clear the air by identifying the differences between both static and dynamic design, and what each of these could offer a web owner.

Static Website design


  • When creating a design that offers a static page, this simply means that the information on that particular page remains the same regardless of who or what is visiting. When we say who or what, we mean targeted traffic or web crawlers. Most static pages are written using HTML coding. They do not use external files or databases in order to request information. These pages will need to be updated on a regular basis by a web design company, which, in some cases, can be really expensive depending on the type of design and templates used.
  • Static pages do not have to be boring. They do not have to simply provide plain text either. They can feature a number of additional content such as multimedia, videos and more, but will need that constant updating.


Dynamic Website design

The different between static website and dynamic website


  • Dynamic pages can use the same source code file and provide a different experience each time a visitor displays that page. In other words, content can change each time the page is displayed. This can be done regardless of the browser or operating system the visitor is using (i.e., PC, Phone, or tablet). Designers will argue that dynamic templates offer more, but an experienced Bangkok web design company will be able to provide choices that offer the best of both worlds based on your specific needs.

As stated above, you can see that there are significant differences when choosing either Static or Dynamic website design. You can also clearly see that one may not be better than the other, but this really depends on your specific needs.

When deciding what type of design might work the best for your online presence, you might find it necessary to contact a skilled corporate website design Bangkok. Using a company that prides itself in all types of design capabilities will be able to take your online presences to the next level. They will evaluate your current situation, then provide you with a detailed plan of which type of design works for the type of content you are trying to present to your visitors.

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