About As

Glypt is a Thailand based creative agency that serves clients worldwide with affordable high quality design. We offer a full range of services from state of the art digital design to classic hand drawn illustration. With a commitment to achieving creative excellence Glypt is enthusiastic about achieving its client’s goals whether it is designing letterheads or a complete company re-brand. Providing state of the art design services such as 360 Virtual Tours that are a clear cut above the rest, Glypt continues to research and develop new and innovative services.

Our head office is located on the tropical island of Koh Samui, where our designs are created. Our Bangkok office serves as our main customer support hub where we work on the project management and seo of our websites, Click here to see a map of our location. This is why we do it: Creativity is our passion and we aim to push boundaries while producing innovative design that does the job it is intended to do.