10 Feb

Having Your First Website

Having Your First Website. Every organization or business needs a website; else can you promote your products or services when people do not even know that you exist?

A website is vital to make your company’s presence known and subsequently, encourage the public to engage your service or to purchase your product. A website is also essential for letting people know the promotions that you have, as well as to gain their trust and confidence. Customers and clients would have confidence in dealing with a company that has a proper website instead of one that is promoted merely by pamphlets or word of mouth.



So now that you have decided to get a website for your company, what are the must-haves?


Choose a domain name

First, regardless of whether you want to establish an e-commerce website or CMS website, you need to register a domain name. Your organization or business looks more reliable if it has a yourname.com domain instead of a yourname.blogspot.com domain. Next, choose a domain name that best reflects your product or service. It must be one that is easy to remember and mustn’t be too complicated as well.


How to Write a Marketing Plan

Then, you need to decide on details related to design. These include the logo design, the graphic design and the HTML standard web design. If these sound too alien for you, then it is best that you engage a web designer or a web design company to take care of those for you. It will be difficult for you to DIY if you have no knowledge on designs and even if you do, you can leave this to the experts so that you can spend more time on the important parts of the business, which is to develop it.


When deciding on a web designer or a web design company, you should always take a look at their portfolio before coming to a decision. This is most important, followed by other factors such as the costs, experience and value added services thrown in.

If your business in Thailand needs a website, you can easily find a good Thailand web designer or a reputable Bangkok web design company. Glypt Web Designs is one of them that you can consider to create a professional look for your website.


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