20 Jun 2016

The Difference Between Static And Dynamic Web Sites

The different between static website and dynamic website

The Difference Between Static And Dynamic Web Sites

Trying to understand the differences between a Static or Dynamic web design is not a difficult process. You do not have to be a master web design company in order to understand the value in either choice. In the information that follows, you will discover the difference between a static and dynamic website or pages, and why one or the other may be the right choice for you.

First off, you need to know that one type of design is not better than the other. There are many who would argue this point, but really get nowhere because these designs are really used for different purposes. On the other hand, when using one or the other, you may need the services provided by a corporate website design Bangkok company.

OK, let’s clear the air by identifying the differences between both static and dynamic design, and what each of these could offer a web owner.

Static Website design


  • When creating a design that offers a static page, this simply means that the information on that particular page remains the same regardless of who or what is visiting. When we say who or what, we mean targeted traffic or web crawlers. Most static pages are written using HTML coding. They do not use external files or databases in order to request information. These pages will need to be updated on a regular basis by a web design company, which, in some cases, can be really expensive depending on the type of design and templates used.
  • Static pages do not have to be boring. They do not have to simply provide plain text either. They can feature a number of additional content such as multimedia, videos and more, but will need that constant updating.


Dynamic Website design

The different between static website and dynamic website


  • Dynamic pages can use the same source code file and provide a different experience each time a visitor displays that page. In other words, content can change each time the page is displayed. This can be done regardless of the browser or operating system the visitor is using (i.e., PC, Phone, or tablet). Designers will argue that dynamic templates offer more, but an experienced Bangkok web design company will be able to provide choices that offer the best of both worlds based on your specific needs.

As stated above, you can see that there are significant differences when choosing either Static or Dynamic website design. You can also clearly see that one may not be better than the other, but this really depends on your specific needs.

When deciding what type of design might work the best for your online presence, you might find it necessary to contact a skilled corporate website design Bangkok. Using a company that prides itself in all types of design capabilities will be able to take your online presences to the next level. They will evaluate your current situation, then provide you with a detailed plan of which type of design works for the type of content you are trying to present to your visitors.

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20 Jun 2016

When To Hire A Full-Time Designer


When To Hire A Full-Time Designer

Are you at the point where you find you can no longer move forward with your current web design? Are you contemplating hiring a full-time web designer? You’ll discover that before doing so in Bangkok, best web designer options are available to you. The information provided in this article will explore one of the most important questions asked by website owners, with or without an online presence, and that is; when to hire a full-time designer, and what it actually means to do so.

You’ll discover that many companies make a huge mistake when it comes to website design. This is especially true when someone, on staff or in-house, believes they can take on the task of developing a website and spending the time and resources needed in order to maintain the project on a day to day basis. Some find out early on that this is not only impossible, but they end up losing money before a decision is made to hire web designer Bangkok – to get the job done.

Here are 5 warning signs that will tell you it’s time to hire!

Time Consumption

  • Saving valuable time is more than likely going to be the number one warning sign on your list. When it comes to website design and domination in 2016, there is a lot of skill required to stay on top of every aspect of web development. And this goes way beyond understanding the basics of HTML. A Bangkok best, web designer – will need to be skilled and in-the-loop with regards to languages like PHP, flash, Java, SEO, CSS, communication and marketing at the least.


  • Competition is a constant in any industry and this also includes website development. Every business who has an online presence is in competition with others in the same industry. Many of these companies are already a step ahead, so it’s important to hire a web designer with the ability to dominate on a continual basis.

Updates and Customization

  • Making your website stand out takes a lot of customization and updating skills. There are always new templates and features that need to be incorporated into your current design or simply updated from one design to another. Many templates will need to be developed from scratch because premium themes simply can’t keep up with the changes fast enough. These are only a few items that need consideration when looking at a web design company, Thailand.


  • Search Engine Optimization is one of the most important aspects of any online presence. If you cannot get indexed effectively, you’ve been wasting your time. SEO takes the experience as well as time to implement. If this aspect of your web design plan is not planned out, you could be headed in a downward spiral.

Device compatibility

  • Deciding when to hire a full-time designer will also come down to understanding device compatibility. Will a Bangkok website design company be able to provide you with a service that includes cross-device compatibility? This is where many business owners get themselves tripped up. Many part-time developers simply do not have the time to stay on top of this aspect of web design.

These are only five warning signs that tell you when to hire a full-time designer. However, as a business owner that depends on online marketing to run your business, you might want to take action if only 2 or 3 warnings are present. Remember, your website is a reflection of your business, so hiring a Bangkok web designer before a problem materializes might be in your best interest.

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Read how to choose colors and fonts that fit your brand



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10 Feb 2016

Having Your First Website

Having Your First Website. Every organization or business needs a website; else can you promote your products or services when people do not even know that you exist?

A website is vital to make your company’s presence known and subsequently, encourage the public to engage your service or to purchase your product. A website is also essential for letting people know the promotions that you have, as well as to gain their trust and confidence. Customers and clients would have confidence in dealing with a company that has a proper website instead of one that is promoted merely by pamphlets or word of mouth.



So now that you have decided to get a website for your company, what are the must-haves?


Choose a domain name

First, regardless of whether you want to establish an e-commerce website or CMS website, you need to register a domain name. Your organization or business looks more reliable if it has a yourname.com domain instead of a yourname.blogspot.com domain. Next, choose a domain name that best reflects your product or service. It must be one that is easy to remember and mustn’t be too complicated as well.


How to Write a Marketing Plan

Then, you need to decide on details related to design. These include the logo design, the graphic design and the HTML standard web design. If these sound too alien for you, then it is best that you engage a web designer or a web design company to take care of those for you. It will be difficult for you to DIY if you have no knowledge on designs and even if you do, you can leave this to the experts so that you can spend more time on the important parts of the business, which is to develop it.


When deciding on a web designer or a web design company, you should always take a look at their portfolio before coming to a decision. This is most important, followed by other factors such as the costs, experience and value added services thrown in.

If your business in Thailand needs a website, you can easily find a good Thailand web designer or a reputable Bangkok web design company. Glypt Web Designs is one of them that you can consider to create a professional look for your website.


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04 Jan 2016

360° Virtual Tour is Making that First Time Impression Count

360 Virtual Tours

360° Virtual tour is making that first time impression count. If you have been looking for ways to bring a product to life online, then you may want to take a look at 360° virtual tour. 360° virtual tour by Glypt, will allow you to showcase any business or business venture. If you have been thinking of creative ways to bring a plan you may have to life and give your viewer a real feel for what they are seeing, then a 360° virtual tour is the way of the future.

This method is all inclusive and is better than simply providing a 360° pan view. This is taking a virtual tour of the scenery while taking your client inside and outside of your image. Someone can actually use this process to fully view a floor plan, business, environment, or anywhere you can bring a camera. Showcasing your business using this method is simply fantastic. You can pick and choose where you want your client to visit and have that exact virtual tour assembled for you.

You have the options to pan and scroll, you can zoom in and out and you also have the option to choose a direction to move in. By simply clicking on arrows that are built into the program you can view everything as if you were standing there in person. This will add depth and desire in your clients because it gives them the look and feel of already being there. If you are using this for home or property sales, this is a very powerful tool.

The impression you want your client to have should help them make a buying decision the first time. Just sending your client pictures is absolutely one sided. Normally people will not make a decision based on simple pictures anyway, and to close a deal your client will typically want to see the home or property first. The power of the 360° Virtual tour will, in all aspects of the word, “take your customer there” though images. These tools will surly give you the edge over the competition. Some of the benefits you could have using the 360° Virtual tour:



1.) Your customer can use the browser of their choice to view full screen flash virtual images with absolutely no need to download anything to begin viewing.

2.) The photography is absolutely stunning with seamless imagery and professional editing that gives you a sense of realness and pleasure.

3.) The floor plan that you choose is interactive and will allow your client to experience complete and total control of their viewing experience.

4.) The 360° virtual tour also includes hotspots within the tour images.

5.) Your customer will have the capabilities to view sky and ceiling with tripod removal as well as 360 x 360 imaging that are all included.

6.) Faster web viewing because this page has been clean coded for maximum results and performance. This means quicker loading time as well.

7.) An integrated user interface and menu system with Full screen, map, hotspot, and a help feature to help those in need.


These are just some of the features your clients will experience if you incorporate this program on your web presence. You may be asking at this moment “What could the 360° virtual tour be used for?” and the answer to this questions is “Anything.” However, below we will make some suggestions for you.

360 Virtual Tours for Villa

1.) Holiday lets, Hotels and resorts.

2.) Theme parks or Visitor attractions
3.) Office rental or sales, Flat, Homes
4.) Gyms or Leisure attractions
5.) Office spaces or Businesses
6.) Properties or City views

With the 360° Virtual tour, you are unlimited in the creative ways to bring that special place to life for your client. See sample of 360° Virtual tour that created by Glypt team.

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